Our Story

Our Beginnings

Pin Drop was created in Harbour Island, Bahamas, by three long-time friends who shared an ambition to create the world’s most beautiful spirit.

Long time friends Ithalia Johnson, Joe Ellison, and Toby Tyler reunited in Harbour Island in 2014, brought together by their shared love of music, they decided to collaborate on a new rum project.

Toby’s seasoned palate and master blending expertise, Ithalia’s creative vision, and Joe’s operational acumen gave birth to Pin Drop, a labor of love that is meant to share the spirit and beauty of their home island with the world. And in fact, Ithalia’s likeness can be seen on the crest that adorns every bottle of Pin Drop.

Pin Drop quickly developed a passionate local following, and critical acclaim soon followed. Pin Drop won “Best New Rum” at the Miami XP Spirits Competition and a gold medal in the premium category at the St. Barth Caribbean Rum Awards, as well as the “People’s Choice Award,” the first non-French rum to win in the latter category.

After a successful launch in the Bahamas in the winter of 2023, the Pin Drop family is now ready to share their creation with the world.

Harbour Island

Harbour Island is affectionately known as “Briland” by those who call it home. It is a tiny pin drop of a place whose resonance defies its tiny 3 x 1 mile size.

Visitors from around the world come to see the island’s famous pink sand beaches and candy colored sunsets, and return year after year to bask in Briland’s beauty and serenity.

To access the island, you take a short boat ride from the neighboring Eleuthera, and step off at Governor’s Dock, on the bay side of the island; the crystalline water, pastel colored houses lining the streets, and palm trees offering their gentle shade, you immediately get a taste of what makes Harbour Island so special.

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